Uncover Your True Kingdom
Identity Workshop









Come join us for 5 days of seeking the heart of the Father.
There is a level of grace that we haven’t accessed yet because we stopped seeking God.

Let’s reengage with the heart of the Father

It all starts with understanding that we grow progressively in the Kingdom. Let’s continue to grow in understanding our identity and the grace that we carry. Together we create an atmosphere that commands heaven.

We’re The Glovers

Hey this is Tasha.

I help Kingdom Entrepreneurs understand and then partner with the grace(s) that is on their life and progressively grow in Godly wisdom. Knowing the grace you carry helps you to show up more boldly in life and business. I’m a wife of 13 years and a homeschooling mom of three kiddos, I simply operate in whatever authority the Father releases to me, something that looks different in each season of my life.

As a Grace empowered Business Mentor and Strategist, I provide mentoring and strategy for those who know that God’s grace & wisdom is best but need support identifying it. God has given me wisdom to partner in helping entrepreneurs understand and activate the specific grace on their life.

My husband Kenny and I facilitate a group experience called Brand with Grace that helps Kingdom entrepreneurs reengage with Holy Spirit through journaling, prayer and worship to understand their God-given mandate and grow progressively in their identity.
My own mandate is to help restore authenticity and creativity back into the body of believers.

Here’s What to Expect During the
5-Day Experience

5 Days of spirit-led sharing, praying journaling and worship.

Come gather with other visionaries, pioneers and trailblazers with a heart to advance God’s Kingdom.

Your Kingdom Mandate

Wednesday/February 7th/11am EST 10am CST

Your mandate is what to do. It is what you are being called to do in the earth.

We will discuss how your mandate is not just about your business. It’s an ALL encompassing call on your life.

Your Kingdom Message

Thursday/February 8th/11am EST 10am CST

Your message speaks your mandate, it is the voice of your mandate.

We will discuss how your message is sacred and how you discover your audience through it.

Stewarding the Message: Methods

Friday/February 9th/11am EST 10am CST

Your method is how you serve your message. We will discuss your method as your strategy, the individual steps that you are going to use to serve your message to whoever it is that you’re called to serve it to.

Prayer as a divine method

Saturday/February 10th/11am EST 10am CST

We are all called to pray. We will discuss ways we get to the ear of God and how to pray believing. Believing prayer gets results.

Worship as a divine method

Sunday/February 11th/11am EST 10am CST

Come gather for a time of worship and journaling. We will also discuss the role of worship in everyday life and business.
I totally love the five day experience. It helped me to gain clarity on some things and break on some chains that were binding my creativity. In addition, I found a tribe to belong to for a short time. I will join the next round 😎. Thank you Tasha and Kendrick for all that you do to help people find their space in the market place and above all their, Mandate, message and methods. I woke up today with a creative idea for my on line course. Praise God!

Cecelia Banks

After this 5 day experience, the Lord is ALL UP in my business with this message. So much of what was spoken over the last 5days, was reiterated and strengthened. The one Word that HIT ME SQUARE BETWEEN THE 👀?

“You are living and breathing because HE has hope you will believe for the impossible.”


Dottie Lord